KGID board found a good solution |

KGID board found a good solution


I was somewhat shocked at the turnout for the last KGID meeting in which next year’s budget was discussed and voted on. My wife and I have owned a home for nearly three years on lower Kingsbury and, with the recent implementation of water meters, thought it would be a good idea to see where and how our monthly payment of roughly $150 (plus water usage) was being spent. I was shocked that we were two of only four people to attend. For the amount of complaining I hear, a lackluster turnout.

That being said, it was very informative. The board members respectfully entertained all of our questions and subsequently approved the budget without raising our rates. A great accomplishment in this day and age. I am confident and satisfied that we are getting what we pay for. Kudos to Dr. Norman and his team of board members for a job well done.

Chris Larson

Zephyr Cove