Keeping up with the big guys |

Keeping up with the big guys

The Douglas Tigers found themselves in the land of the giants on Friday in their effort to keep up with the players of Bishop Gorman.

The Gorman Gaels dwarfed our tallest players and were pretty much able to do whatever they wanted in the semi-final playoffs where the Las Vegas team won 73-38.

The Gaels went on to pummel Hug High school 96-51 to take the state championship.

Because Gorman is a private school, it is able to recruit the best players, and not just because it doesn’t have to follow the same rules regarding districting.

Gorman can also use scholarships to pay for players’ tuition to attract the incredible players it fielded against Hug and the Tigers.

It’s the equivalent of having a college team playing the high schools in the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association.

Calling for Gorman to be placed in a league with other private schools in the state after last week’s victories might seem like sour grapes.

But we don’t require smaller schools like Whittell or Coleville to compete with larger schools like Douglas or Carson. The teams are divided based on their resources, and we believe that a similar division applies to the resources that can be mustered by a private school in a metro setting.