Keeping the Valley green for the future |

Keeping the Valley green for the future

Record Courier Staff Reports

Preserving Carson Valley’s green fields has been a priority in Douglas County for a long time.

So it is with satisfaction that we are beginning to see some movement in that direction.

The Valley has long been a special corner in Nevada, reminding those coming here from either West or East of the verdant farmlands of their homes.

But the Valley’s green spaces have been shrinking over the last few decades, with cows making way for the homes of those who have fallen in love with the area.

That’s the danger we face and why the promise of the conservation easement is so important.

Carson Valley wouldn’t be the first place in the West that people loved to death and it certainly won’t be the last.

However, by providing our agricultural land owners with an incentive to keep the land open, productive and green, we are giving future generations an invaluable gift.

This is the only equitable way of allowing those whose lifestyles maintain our agricultural resources to continue into the future.

We often point to the Truckee Meadows as an example of what happens when you sacrifice fields for homes and businesses.

We have a head start on Reno to preserve not only Carson Valley’s green fields, but also the lifestyle we consider so important to the preservation of the West.