Keeping the holidays safe |

Keeping the holidays safe

Record Courier Staff Reports

We’ve heard that there have been a couple of instances in some of the county’s larger establishments where a fire alarm has gone off and everyone just stood there.

That has prompted the East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts to begin going door to door in the county to repeat what ought to be common sense.

When there is a fire, whether you put it out yourself or not, call the fire department. Failing to report a fire on a commercial premises is against Nevada law.

Should the fire alarm sound, evacuate the building and call 911. Stay outside of the building until firefighters give you the all clear. According to the district, you can silence an alarm, but don’t try to reset it until the fire department says it’s OK.

Keep the exits clear, so should there be an alarm or a fire, people can get out. Make sure the exits are marked with a light.

Should there be a medical or other emergency, call 911 and give the dispatcher as much information as possible.

We realize business owners are under a lot of pressure during this season, but they also have a responsibility for the safety of their customers and employees while in their building.

Let’s make keeping safe a Christmas gift we can all share this holiday.