Keep your promises |

Keep your promises

Suzy Stockdale, Minden

If I’m not mistaken, when our Douglas County commissioners were running for office, each ran on a similar platform to manage growth in our community and to protect our rural way of life and our natural resources. The Douglas County master plan was the tool they all supported to help achieve these goals.

To develop our master plan, our community invested over $2.2 million and hundreds of hours attending public workshops. These public workshops helped us understand the process of growth management and were also the platform we used to express our opinions.

On the Douglas County Commissioners’ agenda Thursday are three major proposals to amend the Douglas County master plan. These proposed amendments are requesting major changes to the master plan text, maps and zoning; and they would allow high-density developments in agricultural, forest and range areas.

The most disappointing thing about these proposed major master plan changes is that they have not been explained to the community prior to being considered for action. Neither has the community been asked for input prior to action.

I hope Bernie Curtis, Jacques Etchegoyhen, Don Miner, Kelly Kite and Steve Weissinger stand by their campaign promises – and deny the changes to the master plan.

And if our commissioners support these master plan changes, I hope they will delay action until they have given the community time to attend workshops designed specifically to educate us on the impact these changes will have – and to give the community an opportunity to then provide educated opinions.