Keep Brown, Servatius |

Keep Brown, Servatius

Bob Ballou


The current terms of planning commissioners JoEtta Brown and Kevin Servatius will end on Dec. 31. On Thursday, our Board of County Commissioners will be appointing applicants to four year terms to fill those vacancies.

Both Brown and Servatius are eligible and have applied for another term, and I urge the county commissioners to reappoint them.

Both have done an admirable job representing the will of the people, both have been diligent in their study and implementation of the master plan and other issues before them, and both have the skills and knowledge necessary to be excellent planning commissioners in coming years as Douglas County deals with balancing economic growth, transportation and a multitude of infrastructure issues.

While fresh new faces were what some county commissioners said they were looking for last year, we – the citizens – ended up with one new and one old face that has been a spokesperson for the Edgewood Companies in their effort to build 4,000 homes on Park Cattle Ranch lands in the middle of the Carson Valley.

Meanwhile, those excellent planning commissioners whose terms had expired but were eligible for reappointment were sent packing in a clumsy and less than honorable fashion.

It is my fervent hope that our county commissioners preserve the skills and knowledge of Brown and Servatius in service to the citizens of Douglas County by reappointing them to the Planning Commission, and that we don’t see a repeat performance of last year’s fiasco this time around.

Anyone concerned about this should attend the county commissioner’s meeting on Thursday and make their feelings known during the public comment period.