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Just the latest in a long list

We have an unfortunate tendency to immediately attack enthusiasms of the young. It doesn’t help that there seems to be a new one every year.

Last month, the release of Pokemon Go sent smart phone aficionado’s wandering through the public spaces looking for digital critters.

We guess that’s why they call it a craze.

It’s really not that different from the folks who are looking at their phones all the time, anyway, except the people playing Pokemon Go have to walk in order to win the game.

Given our society’s current level of obesity, that seems like it’s a good thing.

But there are people who have visceral reactions to things like Pokemon Go, drones, smart phones, computers and apparently … answering machines.

A trip back through the pages of The Record-Courier and its predecessors and you can see articles complaining about young people riding bicycles, digging for stolen gold (that one didn’t really have any age barriers), carriage rides, electricity, automobiles, the Jitterbug, flappers, rock and roll, and lots of other things that came along over the past century.

Some members of the younger generation have always pursued new things that their elders thought was a waste of time.

Some of the things turned out to be just that. Other’s turned out to be incredible advances that we couldn’t imagine our lives without today.

A new enthusiasm can translate into a different way of experiencing the world, and a few of those participating may learn something as a result that could benefit all of us.