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Just the beginning

Letter to the EDITOR:

I guess the lawsuit against the county, its commissioners and the S.G.I. people is a legal way to threaten people to giving in. Let’s look out in the Valley and see what the air may look like if growth is not kept a close check on. If the haze in the air is from fires in the hills or from the fire from the engines of autos makes little difference to the view. But fires end!

Issues about taxes going up if growth is low and businesses suffering have been thrown out for us to ingest. If you look at areas that have been developed to the point that there is no longer any more room to grow, well, they are still doing well and businesses are fine and taxes have kept up with inflation.

Speaking of taxes, 5 cents on a gallon of gas, does that sound new to you? If more cars are passing through our county and more stations are opening, shouldn’t there be more tax revenue? And if we are to pay for all the departments that support our community I would think that they to would like to make more money each year as well as you and I. I do know that taxes always go up, no matter what. It is a merry-go-round of problems.

Limited growth will not hurt the county. It will not make home prices go up. By the way, who establishes the price of land? Real estate brokers, developers or the people who are trying to purchase a home? Myself, I would like to only spend about $80,000 to $100,000 for a nice home with a view, even less if I can. If the master plan allows for the growth to be, let’s say, unlimited, then that is what we voted for when the plan was presented to us years ago.

If there is not a clause or area that covers the Sustainable Growth being illegal, than let the voters decide what to be. Having law suits that will cost money and time should be illegal in itself.

Good luck to the commissioners and the people of Douglas. This is only the beginning.

Phil Dohrn


Aug. 1