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June 4 Letters to the Editor

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Editor’s Note: These are the last letters The R-C will publish before Tuesday’s primary election.

Nelson seeks your vote


In my service as a County Commissioner I have seen rapid growth in residential development and the resulting loss of permeable agricultural land essential to our rural nature. Our Master Plan, created with citizen input, establishes well thought out standards for keeping Douglas County rural. The Board majority continues to recklessly grant Master Plan Amendments that directly contravene the will of the people. Moreover, the current Board majority recently committed $34.25 million to fund Redevelopment Agency #2 (RDA2) to build an event center that would supposedly bring more people to the struggling casino corridor. There is no hard evidence that the project would draw attendees, generate revenue, or create jobs, only wishful statements from those in a position to personally benefit. This commitment of funds was particularly reckless in the face of the unknown impact of COVID-19 on county revenue and our business community.

Water availability and quality is an issue in Douglas County that has not been properly examined. Despite denials from those who are pro-development, some of the Gardnerville Ranchos wells are having supply issues. Well owners have also reported concerns with arsenic and nitrate plumes. If I’m re-elected, I will insist that the board commission a thorough water study that would include potential impact from new proposed developments.

My opponent has lived in Douglas County less than a year. When he offers an opinion on the issues of concern in this campaign season, what I hear him say comes across as repeating the talking points of the “Establishment” in our County.

The “Establishment” supports RDA2, and thus, so does my opponent. He also aligns with them on the Park Development Agreement that calls for 2,500 homes to be added to the more than 4,000 already in the backlog. Needless to say, I don’t favor the Park deal, not only because it rezones Ag land to residential, but also because it calls for us taxpayers to fund millions for a road that will not be a bypass but merely serve as the development access road.

I look forward to having the opportunity to enact sound policies that will create the strong, vibrant community we all want. I have been out walking the precincts, talking to residents about what issues concern them and listening to what they expect from county government. A local gun rights advocate inspired me to have Douglas County officially create and sign a Resolution to protect our Second Amendment Rights. I’m proud that we are now a Gun Rights Sanctuary County.

I’ve kept my promises made to the voters and represented the best interests of our citizens. I have worked hard in my four years serving the people as a Commissioner from District 1, and I believe my record stands as strong evidence that I have succeeded.

I will continue to be “The People’s Voice,” and I humbly ask for your vote. See 4DaveNelson.com.

Dave Nelson

Gardnerville Ranchos

Tolbert encourages civil discourse


I began this journey because I am discouraged by the divisiveness, decrease of respectful behavior, and reduction in civil discourse that surrounds our Board of County Commissioner meetings. I believe the 80/20 rule applies in that people are unwittingly at least 80 percent united and less than 20 percent divided on the issues. The problem is that we focus on and tear each other down over the 20 percent, ignoring the 80 percent we have in common. My platform is to bring integrity and objectivity. However, even though I have not participated in the mudslinging this election season, I have not publicly condemned it either. I want to correct that now: Make no mistake, I believe that all the negativity, name-calling, and altercations that have occurred are shameful. We residents of Douglas County deserve a Board that leads by example and works together for the best interest of the entire county. It is not my job to tell anyone what is wrong with another candidate, rather why I am the right candidate in my own race. I am certain that if we focus on what we have in common, participate in civil debate, and communicate effectively with the public, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners can break the cycle of turmoil that seems to surround it now.

I also believe everyone can agree that we want to preserve our rural character. The question is how do we do that? Change is certain and growth is necessary; however, we do have some control over how we change and where we grow. There are numerous issues facing our community including the decline of gaming, management of our water resource, work-force housing availability, road maintenance and many more, not to mention recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown. I am the right candidate to address these issues because I have a unique insight into our community given I have spent my entire adult life here, grown my family here, and worked locally in both the public and private sectors for thirty years. Almost everything that I am has been influenced at least in part by this community and I want to give back to the area that has provided so much opportunity. If elected, I will be a Commissioner who is truly looking out for our County’s future; I will be open-minded, seek out the facts, and use those facts to base my decisions. If anyone has questions about who I am or what I stand for, I invite them to visit my webpage at http://www.NathanTolbertDistrict5.com and read through the ‘About’ and ‘Platform’ pages or scroll through the ‘Blog’ page which is full of video clips, various virtual town hall meetings, and the forums I have participated in over the last five weeks. Also, the ‘Contact’ page can be used to send me questions or comments directly. Finally, I would like to thank all those who have supported me in my campaign, the encouragement has been overwhelming. I appreciate your vote for Nathan Tolbert, Douglas County Commissioner, District 5.

Nathan Tolbert

Johnson Lane

Gardner on campaigning


Being a candidate for Commissioner, District 3, has been great. I’ve walked hundreds of streets and knocked on thousands of doors, which has given me a unique opportunity in getting to know the people I’m asking to give me their votes.

I heard a lot about ever-increasing traffic, for instance, and how making a left turn into a business driveway off Highway 395 is particularly hazardous. So here we have a problem that’s bad for both our residents and our businesses. I come from a small business background. It seems when our current leaders promise they are “pro-business,” they mean BIG business not the mom and pop kind.

My opponent in the race definitely gives off that impression. He even voted “Yes” for a “redevelopment” area that has County taxpayers financing a splashy $100 million event center to benefit so-called “ailing” casinos in Stateline. I’m fine with an event center, but in my book, private industry should be footing the bill. Multi-billion dollar companies own those casinos. If they thought an event center would boost their bottom lines, they would build it, right?

Another big business boondoggle that got an enthusiastic “Yes” from my opponent is the Park Development Agreement that virtually “gives away” approval for one of the local powerhouse family enterprises to put 2,500 houses on 1,044 acres that, prior to the agreement, were zoned for agriculture. My opponent has a habit of voting approval for developments on land designated for agricultural use. He also has voted “Yes” on virtually every request for a variance any developer has made. My idea is that we need to slow down and think harder about development. The current 7,000-plus house backlog makes no sense.

We have water, but we don’t really know how agreeing that 359 houses, say, can be constructed in the Ranchos or Genoa or Minden will affect our aquifer, the quality of water in all of our wells, or the ability to get the water out of the ground in areas that can be far from those 359 houses. I’m for taking the time to find the answers to these unknowns.

Douglas County is a fine place to live, but it is struggling to stay just that both due to fallout from COVID-19 and pressure from those who envision rooftops where open fields are now. My top goal as a commissioner is to make every tax dollar count the utmost toward getting us through the belt-tightening period we are in. Within that strategy comes paying attention to our roads, providing adequate safety, protecting our water through informed management, and insisting that developments meet all the criteria set forth in the Master Plan, including “need.”

I’ve signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. I will not raise taxes without voters having the final say-so through the ballot box. I hope voters will place their trust in me, and vote for me in the Primary, and I look forward to serving them as Commissioner. Please visit my website markgardner4commissioner.com.

Mark Gardner

Topaz Ranch Estates

Voting for Walsh


Larry Walsh is by far the best man for Douglas County Commissioner. My family are fifth generation Nevadans and I have lived in this valley since 1985. I am a UNR grad and am a 9th Degree Black Belt/Owner of West Coast Martial Arts and several other businesses in Douglas County.

I do not usually get into politics, and I won’t comment on anyone else, however, I personally know Mr. Walsh very well and I am here to express my 100 percent support for him personally as he is an amazing person and this valley absolutely needs men like him! He is a true Nevadan!

Seldom in my life have I ever met anyone so willing to help the small guy without some personal financial gain to be made. I am a small businessman and asked Mr. Walsh for his help buying my first commercial property. Mr. Walsh not only helped me but he took me under his wing and spent countless hours helping me, showing me resources and pointing me in the right direction. He put me in touch with the best, most knowledgeable people for each task thru this process. Every time I was up against a roadblock or challenge, he helped me through each and every problem.

Mr. Walsh is He is very sharp and unbelievably knowledgeable of the county requirements, laws, all financial and legal considerations, state, federal and local laws and requirements and knows everyone you need to know to get things done in this valley. Mr. Walsh is also the person we need to continue on the County Commission to help spur retail business after COVID. He has great family down to the grandkids and he loves Carson Valley and wants the best for the people and the heritage of the area itself while embracing sensible growth strategies. He comes up with ideas and answers for things I never even was aware of.

Walsh did not even really know me when we met but he just knew we had a 25-year track record of helping our community and good future intentions. I now own a beautiful building and thriving business and I would not have accomplished what I have the last 5 years without Mr. Walsh’s help. He is a man of great integrity; a great friend and he is a role model of the person I strive to be. I will be forever grateful and want everyone to know that he is the real deal so vote WALSH 2020!

George Fujii