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July 9 Letters to the editor

Residents wave to a vehicle in Saturday's unofficial Fourth of July parade. The Record-Courier box in the middle was pure coincidence.
Kurt Hildebrand

Voting in person best


Thank you to Douglas County Clerk Treasurer Kathy Lewis and our County Commissioners for supporting her decision allowing citizens the option of voting in person at the ballot box this November (July 4th R-C headline), obviously saving the County both time and expense.

It is not only tradition to vote in person but is our essential right to vote in this tried and true manner. The mail-in-only-ballots ordered by Secretary of State Cegavske in the primary was costly in more ways than noted: William Pitt the Younger said in 1783, “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

Today isn’t any different. Beware.

Joy Uhart


What respect means


It is Fourth of July weekend and I was thinking about our noble nation and the one big concept America was built upon. Respect. Respect for freedom, liberty, religion, the family, law and order, property, etc. Now, the one big concept that is missing in today’s dialogue is respect. Today it is woke to disrespect all of the above and more. Why has it become acceptable for so many to say “no”? No, I don’t want to eat this. No, I don’t want to do my homework. Adults saying, No, I don’t want to wear a mask. And the big one is, “No, officer, I won’t stop fighting you. I won’t put my hands behind my back. I won’t stand still. I won’t do what you have ordered me to do.”

Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, all have shown us what disrespect brings to a civilized society. Many of the protestors, all of the burners and looters, the attackers, the home/business destroyers and their many enablers have vividly shown what comes with “disrespect.” It is an ugly sight and I am angry about it.

Families once taught respect. As did the schools. Churches did too, but now that is declining. Once our police were respected and you always did what the officer asked of you. Now it is common to defy, spit upon, curse, run from or throw fire bombs and bricks at them.

My detractors are going to argue, but there are “bad” police. Yes, along with “bad” parents, teachers, Boy and Girl Scout leaders, clergy persons, politicians, media and celebrities, hair stylists, doctors, newspaper editors, etc., etc. So what? There have been, are and will always be “bad” characters among society. Rationally sort them out. To even entertain defunding the 800,000 national law enforcement officers is beyond ludicrous. It is just plain stupid?

A second thought has nagged at me is the lack of “shame and consequences” for the bad behavior so prevalent today. Once parents, teachers, neighbors and even strangers would say, “Your parents would be ashamed of you for what you are doing”. Not anymore? Now it is don’t speak up or point out (it’s not PC) bad or unacceptable behavior. The foul language used in public places astounds me. Once it was unacceptable. Now it is “all OK.” No, it is not. It is shameful. It is disrespectful.

You and I can change what is happening. First we have to stand up for our country and let our voices be heard.

Kneel only to your God and fly our flag proudly.

Peter Engle


Trump unites country


Regarding “Trump is a clear underdog,” I remind the estimable Jim Hartman that timing is everything. The gloomy polls he cites were done before President Trump’s July 3 Mount Rushmore speech that laid bare the BLM sham.

The number of black lives snuffed out in BLM-controlled, crime-infested city center charnel houses are far greater than anything that went before. An eloquent and optimistic Trump pushed back against BLM’s attempt to pervert our country’s history and laid out a path for making America truly great again.

Joe Biden’s barely coherent June 30 rant painted the United States as a horrible country, irredeemably racist. Who wants a pessimistic president that would drag our nation down, to wallow in collective white guilt and be held hostage to a perverted version of our nation’s past?

BLM leaders rebuked Michelle Obama recently for saying that while she “can’t make people not afraid of black people,” blacks can address racism’s effects through how they lead their lives. The new radical left has targeted liberal royalty like Mrs. Obama and other old left Democrat party leaders who have to be swept aside for BLM’s own, more radical, governance. Young BLM groupies have become useful idiots in service to this insurrection.

Biden kicked off Independence Day by bellyaching about how rotten his county has become. Trump called out America’s internal and external enemies and forecast how great our future can be. Who would you vote for?

Lynn Muzzy