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July 30, 2020, Letters to the Editor

Lily Auchenbach, Ashtyn Swartz, Max Auchenbach, Leo Auchenbach and Caysen Auchenbach delivered Costco pizzas to the firefighters who were still working on the Topsy Fire on Friday.
Carrie Hermann/Special to The R-C

Editor’s Note: The Record-Courier has received several letters to the editor regarding the Douglas County Sheriff and the Librarian. Because the story broke after The R-C’s deadline, those letters will be published in the Aug. 6 edition.

Thank you to firefighters


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the firefighters and fire personnel involved in the recent fires in the Pine Nut Mountains. The Numbers fire on July 6 started under terribly challenging conditions and proved to be a raging beast consuming over 18,000 acres. Prior to the Numbers fire there was the Monarch fire and recently several more lightning caused fires. In all cases the firefighters have worked tirelessly to control these fires. I am thankful for these dedicated individuals who defy danger to assure our safety. Our community is indeed fortunate to have such kind, efficient,and hard working fire personnel. Thanks to all involved for your dedication and perseverance. You are appreciated!

Terri Clark

Pine Nut

Thank you for support of Carson Valley Arts Council


Thank you to all our Carson Valley Arts Council members, volunteers and sponsors this past year. Our CVAC 2019-20 Concert Series wrapped up early due to the cancellation of the last two concerts during the pandemic shut down, but anyone who had tickets for Tiller’s Folly or Tom Rigney/Flambeau will be able to use them for the rescheduled concerts in the future. The support of our sponsors and CVAC Members and Volunteers are the only ways we are able to bring the concerts and youth outreach to our community. Thanks to everyone who attended one or more of the concerts, so our performers could also present assemblies for Gardnerville, Jacks Valley and Meneley Elementary Schools and Douglas High School.

Special thanks goes to our Concert Series sponsors for the 2019-2020 Concert Series: Nevada Arts Council, NEA Arts Works, Carson Valley Inn, BDR Construction, COD Casino, Douglas County, City National Bank, Bing Materials, Southwest Gas, Coffee on Main, Record Courier, NV Energy, Sierra View Dental Center, Carson Valley United Methodist Church, Democrats/DCDWomen, Double J Auto, Custom Framing & Design, Wa She Su Casino, Bike Habitat, Karen and Brian Fitzgerald, Napa Auto Parts, Towns of Minden and Gardnerville, Carson Valley Visitors Authority and Chamber of Commerce, Heartstrings Gallery, Carson Valley Community Theatre, DCCA TV, and the Smallwood Foundation.

Please thank each of the sponsors for supporting the arts in Carson Valley! Call 775-782-8207, visit our website cvartscouncil.com or email CVAC info@cvartscouncil.com, for information on all of our projects and activities. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not start our concert series in the fall, but hopefully begin in 2021. If you or your organization would like to volunteer or help support next year’s Concert Series, please contact Carson Valley Arts Council. Even though COVID-19 restrictions have cancelled many of our projects, we are looking forward to supporting the arts in Carson Valley in the future. Keep up with the latest news and “Like” our https://www.facebook.com/CarsonValleyArtsCouncil Facebook page. Our membership year started July 1, so become a Carson Valley Arts Council member online to help bring more arts to Carson Valley.

Thank you. With your help, together we will continue to build “a community united and inspired by the arts.”

Sharon Schlegel

Brian Fitzgerald

Sharon Hoelscher Day

Carson Valley Arts Council

Support first responders


All organizations have a small percent of their membership who do not measure up. They cause problems, hurt and bring shame to their co-workers.

The thin like of law enforcement officers, all across our nation, do a magnificent job of protecting and serving.

A very small number of them who do something wrong make news headlines for days.

We should never disband or defund an entire organization because of an unforgiveable, terrible act. We must always work hard, look to the future and make things better. If you tear an organization apart and disband it, what do you have left?

Would you live in a city that has no police department?

In 1956 a Parris Island Marine Corps drill instructor named Staff Sgt. Matt McKeon, in an effort to discipline his charges, marched his platoon of recruits through swamps in the middle of the night. At Ribbon Creek, six recruits drowned in 7 feet of water.

During the court martial, McKeon’s defense attorney called Retired Let. Gen. Lewis (Chesty) Puller, the most decorated Marine in history, a living legend and hero of four wars, to testify.

Gen. Puller told the court, “I don’t give a damn about the drill instructor. I’m not here to defend him. The important thing is to protect our Marine Corps.”

I expect all of us to stand behind the organizations who provide our law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical teams and all others who work hard every day to help their fellow citizens.

Think how bad our nation’s situation would be without them.

Marvin Christy


DCSO is truly appreciated


I am a retired peace officer with over 35 years of service — four different agencies at the local, county and state levels. I was sworn in at my first agency in early 1959 and retired at the end of my career in mid-1994. In all of my years of service, I had never experienced the level of contempt for law enforcement that is now prevalent throughout our country. Those law enforcement officers working today that are being subjected to this contempt are truly heroes for putting up with the vile abuse leveled at them.

I first moved to Douglas County in 1972 – almost 50 years ago. Those of us living here are so lucky to have the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office protecting and serving our community. It is apparent that our DCSO enjoys a positive reputation, which from all indications is truly deserved. I know from experience that law enforcement agencies do not generally hear from the citizenry that they serve unless things are not going well. I just wish to convey to all the officers and staff at DCSO that they are truly appreciated, and wish them all the best as they perform their duties on our behalf.

Lt. Ray Hoyt

Nevada DPS Retired


May God bless America


I’ve never discriminated against minorities;

I don’t get thanked for it.

I do it because it’s correct.

I don’t hurt people or animals.

I’ve never been paid for that.

I do it because God says.

And, now, I cry for people I never met.

I work hard and volunteer and am polite.

I don’t know why. I enjoy it; it’s right.

I don’t understand violence. But, I pray for innocents hurt.

I dislike bad people hurting good people, and hope for justice quick.

I want America not to cry. I want America happy and strong again.

But, good Americans are united still;

in these free United States.

And, most place ALL hurting Americans in their hearts today.

May God bless America,

Debbie Cutshaw


What strange times these are


Gov. Sisolak has certainly proven how business unfriendly he is. He makes a rule (it’s not a law) that everyone in public must wear a face mask and then forces businesses to enforce his rule. Most of these businesses were shut down by Sisolak and have suffered financially. Now they are supposed to hire a door monitor to make sure everyone has a mask on.

If that isn’t adding hardship in hard times, the governor sends out his henchmen in the guise of OSHA and Department of Industrial Relations to spy on these businesses. I have only observed all employees at business be 100% compliant with wearing masks. I have also observed the public entering a business with a mask on only to take it off when inside. Is the business supposed to hire someone to escort their patrons to make sure they keep their mask on?

Not only are the businesses being fined at draconian rates, but are being publicly chastised in the newspaper and TV news. Don’t I remember a few months ago reading about the heroes keeping the shelves stocked in a time of panic buying? What strange times these are when one day our retailers are heroes, the next Sisolak publicly shames you and fines you because your patrons won’t comply with his rule.

Joy B. Lang