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July 23 Letters to the Editor

Beachgoers enjoy Topaz Lake.
John Flaherty/Special to The R-C

Thank you for the oil change


This is a veteran’s thanks to an unknown benefactor who recognized his military service.

On July 7, my buddy, Art, and I went to breakfast. We are both aging Korean war veterans and when we are out together wear head gear identifying us as such. On the way home, I stopped at the Minden Jiffy Lube to have my vehicle serviced. During a brief conversation with a young gentleman I assumed supervised the facility, I was thanked for my military service. After my vehicle service was completed, I went to the counter to pay my bill. To my great surprise I was told I owed $1. When I asked how this could be possible, I was told the bill had been paid. When I asked “by who?” I was told they did not know.

In analyzing the event it was obvious this was another thanks for my military service. The possibilities included a customer, an employee, or Jiffy Lube donated the service. The fact I was asked to pay $1 makes me think that was a technical process to clear the paperwork. Therefore, Jiffy Lube donated the service or an employee paid for it.

It gives me great pleasure to know I live in a community where its citizens love this country and its history. I hope my benefactor reads this heartfelt thanks and God bless.

Jim Partridge


County should stop 4G/5G build out


I am writing to inform my fellow citizens that the city of Easton, Conn., passed a “cease and desist” resolution calling on wireless companies to stop their build out of 4G/5G small cell wireless antennas until such facilities are proven safe through independent research. I am respectfully requesting that our county commissioners take the same action to protect our residents.

Currently, small cell facilities are being installed as close as 12 feet from residents’ bedrooms. Many people are experiencing health problems from this exposure and some have been hospitalized or moved away. Radiation-emitting antennas are being erected on or close to school property, with grave implications for the health of students and teachers when they are back in school. In some areas property values near small cells have dropped 20 percent, and lawsuits are brewing nationwide.

Although Telecom companies claim that 5G is safe according to FCC standards, the fact is that the FCC has failed to evaluate the scientific literature regarding non-thermal effects of pulsed and modulated radio frequency radiation on human health or the environment. Two cases were filed against the FCC for its refusal to review its obsolete guidelines. These cases are in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

Unless and until wireless companies are able to prove that close proximity to small cell microwave antennas is completely safe for all humans, including pregnant women, young children and other vulnerable populations, and that they have obtained liability insurance without an EMF “pollution” exclusion, we need our county commissioners to immediately adopt a protective municipal code and the cease and desist resolution.

Nick Maier


Trump has your interests first


When the flu-like symptoms started appearing in Wuhan in December the World Health Organization was notified Dec. 31, and they along with Chinese downplayed the danger of the illness through January, claiming no human-to-human transmission, the reason why the president put a hold on aid to WHO.

During same time period, China isolated the travel from Wuhan to the rest of China, while allowing its people by tens of thousands to travel and spread the virus to rest of the world. A study made in Germany indicated if travel from Wuhan was ended one week earlier, it would have resulted in 66 percent fewer infections, two weeks 85 percent less, three weeks 98 percent less. No worldwide pandemic. The president acted courageously in spite of the opposition stopping travel from China on Jan. 31 and the rest of the infected world several weeks later (this action saved hundreds of thousands of lives).

President Trump soon after formed a task force under Vice President Mike Pence to co-ordinate the information to all 50 governors as most of them were unprepared to handle the pandemic. A shutdown was ordered by the president in mid-March to bring the infection under control. Anticipating re-opening the economy back up by end of April, however the fear factor generated by the news media has slowed the process.

Another result of the shutdown was a lack of vaccinations for children, no cancer or heart screenings, an increase in suicides and treatments of other illnesses.

The virus turned out to be a lot less deadly and by end of June, 30 million tested, with 3 million infected, 120,000 dead (almost one half of the deaths in nursing homes mainly brought on by forcing the homes in blue states to accept the infected people or face license termination) with the death rate down 90 percent since April 15, it’s time to open the economy.

Then in May, a killing of a black man by four white police officers sparked nationwide protests, which were taken over by violent groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, were given blessings by numerous Democratic mayors and governors no matter how much people or property damage done. Already over 1,000 businesses damaged or lost, 20 people killed, over 800 police injured. Now calls by Democrats to defund police along with ICE and open borders. No close gathering restrictions put on protesters or rioters, but quick to arrest churchgoers if more than 10 in one place.

Trump has your interests first, like in trade, made in America unlike the globalists and Democrats, who are content to be dependent on the Chinese for over 80 percent of our medicines. If you still want to vote for Biden, expect stock market and the economy to plummet (401(k)s and IRAs), more unlawfulness, tearing down statues and rewriting history, high unemployment, increased taxes and regulations, socialism, the end of fossil fuels, with OAC controlling energy department converting nation to green energy and O’Roarke taking your guns away.

Mark Tarvainen


Telling BLM how it should behave


Recently I’ve written letters to the editor regarding perspective and respect and am pleased they struck a positive cord with some readers. Now I turn to Black Lives Matter. It looks to me the racists are BLM supporters. They see the world only in one color, Black. Martin Luther King said it’s not the color of your skin but the content of your character. Letter writer Janet Adams defends BLM because their “movement is the result of lack of respect that Black men and women have endured for 400 years.” Doesn’t BLM’s demonstrated lack of respect for peaceful protest, property, businesses and lives bother you? When I see BLM signs before burning buildings with people standing defiantly with raised fists, I don’t feel much “respect.” Ask law-abiding taxpayers in Minneapolis about “respect” with $55 million of destruction, 220 buildings and 500 businesses destroyed. Then there is Seattle…

If BLM wants to protest Black deaths in Minneapolis (one Black) then also go to Chicago, where on Father’s Day weekend 104 people shot/15 dead including a 3- and 13-year-old. Or Memorial Day weekend when 85 shot/24 dead (39 total deaths). Both happened in poor black neighborhoods. Why isn’t BLM protesting for 50,000 mostly black and Hispanic students in NYC on waiting lists to attend charter/improved schools? BLM, stop the hypocrisy and start promoting education, work ethic, family, black accomplishment. Start promoting President Obama, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Tiger Woods, Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Dorothy Height, Jesse Owens, Bessie Colman, etc. All, though not perfect, should be admired, emulated, and respected. Respect is not a given but must be earned by each of us. No entitlement.

Many people proclaim the virtues of BLM. But who founded, funds, directs, procures signs, transportation, food, water, medical attention, legal counsel, bricks, rocks, fire accelerants, etc.? Demonstrations in 26 major U.S. cities didn’t organize themselves overnight. Someone was/is coordinating them. Why haven’t media “news” outlets investigated and reported, “Who is in front and behind BLM?”

Some researched background: BLM was co-founded 2013 by three women: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Kahn-Cullors and Opal Tometi, all self-proclaimed Marxists. Google their bios. BLM is not tax-exempt but in 2016 allied with Thousand Currents (tax-exempt), Oakland, who legally and fiscally sponsored BLM under the name BLM Global Network Foundation, Inc. They’re funded by individuals, organizations and corporations. George Soros, a known progressive liberal, through his Open Society Foundation donated $33 million. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston each promised $1 million. Thousand Currents, as required by the IRS, reports that 71% of donations to BLMGNF goes to salaries, benefits, and consulting. That’s a lot of payroll. How is the balance used? Thinking people should want to know.

Final thought: Protest if you want, it’s your right in this noble country. Don’t burn, loot, hurt, or destroy anyone’s life or livelihood. Get educated about what you are protesting.

Stand up for your country. Fly our flag proudly.

Peter Engle