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July 18 Letters to the Editor

A World War II Jeep was apparently not an authorized entry in Genoa's Fourth of July Parade, though no one told the driver that, nor is there any indication in the pre-publicity that the parade was not supposed to include motorized vehicles.
Kurt Hildebrand

Jeep wasn’t invited to parade


While we appreciate the coverage for the 2019 Genoa Americana Celebration, I was surprised to say the least at the photo of the “motorized Jeep” leading the Parade (July 6 edition of The Record-Courier). The parade organized by Cathy Pinther, is for children and pets (no motorized vehicles). The jeep was not a sanctioned part of the parade and decided to put himself in front of the children and pets. In addition, I take exception to the wording that the ”Jeep was the extent of the military presence to Thursday’s Genoa Fourth of July Parade.” The Boy Scouts led the parade with the flags and presented them for the opening of the event at 10:45. The Scottish American Military Society Color Guard presented the colors prior to the Symphony concert and raised the flags as each of the services was recognized during the Armed Forces Salute.

Sue Knight

Genoa Americana Celebration Committee

Editor’s Note: We think the Jeep was an excellent addition to the parade and thank its owner for his participation and his service.

Fireworks’ music ‘simply awful’


Is it just me or are lots of people complaining about the simply awful and juvenile music the Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority selected for the Lake fireworks show?

I am deeply worried about this country when the TDVA does something as offensive and pathetic as this music selection. It’s as if the TDVA is being run by the same people running for president in the Democratic Party. They believe America is racist and offensive so they must pick teenage pump and grind music, with one or two exceptions.

The pathetic music choices ruined the whole show for me.

I wish the Board of Commissioners would issue a proclamation demanding the return of patriotic music for the fireworks show. Otherwise, the show should be canceled.

Brett Tibbitts

Cave Rock

Deputies do nice work


On June 25, I had an occasion to call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to report a possible attempted break-in the previous night at our Genoa Courthouse Museum. The sheriff office sent out a deputy within the hour and met with me in Genoa.

The officer asked me the obvious questions as we walked around the museum checking all the outside doors. During this time a family with three young children came in to visit the museum. The children overheard our conversation regarding the possible break-in, and I noticed that one of the children became extremely agitated and started to talk loudly and then began to cry. “A bad person tried to come in!” he said. The boy’s father and mother tried to calm him and assure the young boy that the officer was taking care of the problem and that they were safe.

By this time, three more officers had arrived to see if they could assist the first officer and one of them noticed right away that one boy was becoming hysterical. This officer stepped up and got the children’s attention by asking them if they would like to come outside and see his patrol car. “We can turn on the red lights” he said. His words distracted the children and they happily followed him outside and forgot why they were so upset.

The parents were relieved and so was I. After the children’s special time with this officer, they ran back to show their parents that they had stickers that said they were now “Special Junior Sheriff Officers.”

This is just another example of the professional, well-trained and courteous officers we are blessed to have in our county. Our thanks to you, Sheriff Daniel Coverley, for these fine officers.

Linda Lechien, Trustee

Douglas County Historical Society

Everyone has an opinion


Some interesting opinions in the July 11 R-C. Kudos to the editor and their “Not everything’s up to the government” editorial. I quote: “The government’s role is to establish a level playing field and then let private property owners decide the best use for their lots.” While this was in regards to a new Maverik in Gardnerville, it is true of all private property owners rights. Isn’t this what most think about gun rights? And the letter from Mary Jane Harding: Yes, I too always thought a bypass was meant to divert truck traffic around an area … but you too moved here and now believe those who moved from California came up with this idea. It was reported on page 4, of the same edition your letter appeared in, that this plan, to build Muller Parkway all the way around the 395 strip has been in the works since 1968 — over 51 years ago. And thanks Marshall Goldy for assuming to speak for everyone … I was upset to learn of the cost overruns on the Tahoe Bike Trails, but seeing the number of people using them somehow is gratifying. Do you and your friends ever go and visit this jewel of Douglas County (other than commission meetings)? If you do not recognize the value it adds to Douglas County, and the addition to the county coffers it could bring (as it already brings in more revenue per capita than the rest of the county) then perhaps you should visit up there … see what California has done to increase its tourist trade and start working with the El Dorado Group, a Reno-family based casino organization, who perhaps would work with the county on a better plan for the jewel of Douglas County.

Deni Caster


Friends of the NRA holding fundraiser


On Aug. 3, the Carson Valley Friends of the NRA will be conducting its charitable fundraising event/dinner at the Douglas County Senior Center, 1329 Waterloo Lane in Gardnerville.

This annual event raises funds for the awarding of grants designed to ensure the preservation of shooting sports here in Nevada and Douglas County. Joining us that evening will be the Douglas County Sheriff’s Explorer Post as our honor guard. One gun will be auctioned off specifically to raise funds for their functions and activities.

Individual tickets for the event, which includes a dinner catered by Cocomoe’s BBQ, are $50, with table packages also available.

For tickets or more info call Chairman Mark Gardner at 775-309-3975 or Amber Carrillo at 775-576-4224.

Mark Gardner


Patsy Cline production excellent


My husband Nick and I had the privilege of seeing Carson Valley Community Theater’s production of “Always…Patsy Cline” last Thursday evening for the dress rehearsal (Nick helped build the set). What a show! The leads — Krista Jenkins as Patsy and Lisa Bommarito as the narrator, as well as the Bodacious Bobcats band — were terrific, and the storyline was poignant and charming and well-directed by Lucille Rao.

The remaining performances are the evenings of July 19 and 20 and a matinee July 21. Some of the performances may be sold out, so if you are interested in seeing the show, you should get tickets ahead of time. For reservations, call 775-292-0939 or visit http://www.carsonvalleycommunitytheatretheatre.org .

Hats off to the many talented and dedicated performers in our beautiful Carson Valley and surrounding area! They really add to our quality of life here.

Leona Pchelkin