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July 15 Letters to the Editor

A double rainbow over Carson Valley on Thursday after a second straight day of flooding.
John T. Humphrey |

Great help with flood


As a result of the flood on July 8, our driveway was packed with mud. My wife and I are not physically able of cleaning it ourselves so we heard that the Johnson Lane volunteer fire station had some people that would come and assist. Our neighbor went down to the station and talked to them and three young men responded and cleaned the complete driveway. I just want to say a big “thank you” to Janorch Lancaster, Ralph Thomas and Charles Erb for your generous and most appreciated help. We need more young men like you in our community.

Ron Ellingson

Johnson Lane

Thanks for great Fourth


This is an expression of my thankfulness for the Town of Minden’s 4th of July activities in the park. I had out-of-town guests who attended and were thoroughly impressed with the coordination, cooperation, courtesy and variety of family events that took place. Thank you for all the effort staff, board members and volunteers made to put together an event of that magnitude. It appeared to be effortless and flawless, though I know much time and effort had to be exerted by all to have such an event occur. It truly was a family affair and was certainly appreciated by so many as seen from their happy faces. There was something for everyone. Many loving hands went into this event. A special thanks to Trish for her “Pied Piper” bubble machine activity that was enjoyed by all. “Only in Minden.”

Bev Giannopulos


Water critical to Ruhenstroth residents


On June 10, a meeting was held at the East Fork Fire Station to inform the residents of the Ruhenstroth area of the project located near Highway 395 and adjacent to Muller Parkway. This project is to be built on a portion of the Corley Ranch.

The project manager from Alta Consulting explained to the residents that 250 new homes were to be built in this area along with a small number of boutique stores. First questions on the minds of residents was where the water was coming from for 250 homes. Since Nevada is in drought season again, and Ruhenstroth is on a well system, this was an important issue.

Several of the homeowners in the Ruhenstroth are having to redrill their wells. The residents were informed that the current plan was to drill into the well at the fairgrounds. The water from this well affects Ruhenstroth residents.

The project engineer was asked if a study had been done on the water vs. wells, and if it was available to Ruhenstroth residents. He stated that a study has been done, but it was not available to residents. Drilling a well was not a final decision and that would be looked into further. The second option is to use city water. Ruhenstroth residents asked to be informed before this comes to the Douglas County Planning Commission. The cost for a resident to drill a new well can run $20,000. If the well runs dry, running pipes into city water can also cost the residents of this community thousands of dollars. This could be a monetary disaster to these residents. If we run out of water, so do the new homes. We already had one disaster with building new homes and wells. Do we need another?

Diversifying for farmland owners is becoming apparent in our area because of the drought. Does it make sense then to take water from an area that depends on that water? A Ruhenstroth resident also asked about the traffic issue in that area. It was stated by Alta Consulting that they had done a traffic survey and they stood by it. An additional 250-500 cars in that area would not be a problem. Ruhenstroth residents asked to see the survey. It was not available.

The Douglas County Planning Commission needs to think about its current residents as it goes forward with this project. Water is a main issue, and needs to be resolved before going ahead and rezoning this land from agricultural to residential.

Bob Simmons