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July 10 Letters to the Editor

Western Nevada College's Bently Campus is located in Minden.
Kurt Hildebrand

Soup kitchen doesn’t belong in Ranchos


I recently received a letter from the county about the possibility of a soup kitchen going in down the street from me on the corner of Mitch and South Riverview Drive. I don’t feel this is an appropriate location. It is right next to a day care and an elementary school, Meneley. I have talked to some of my neighbors and they hadn’t heard anything about the soup kitchen going in or received any letters. My daughter lives around the corner and had not heard anything either.

I think that it shouldn’t be allowed that close to a residential area. Perhaps the old senior center or a business park area like Short Court where it could be more monitored. If you have any questions or concerns please email a letter to Hope Sullivan hsullivian@co.douglas.nv.us or fax a letter to (775)782-6297 ASAP as there is a meeting 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Sharon Wix

Gardnerville Ranchos

A note to rural residents


So you realize food products do not come from the back of the grocery store? Nor does fuel for your car come from the gas pump? Nor does electricity originate from your electric outlet in your house?

Our food, energy products, even clothing, and well, most everything is produced in rural America. So when you move from the city to enjoy the rural lifestyle, remember part of that enjoyment and identity that goes with country living needs to embrace the satisfaction of living where America is feed and clothed, and provided for.

If farming, oil drilling, coal mining, wind/solar capturing, gravel production cannot happen in the cities and towns, where do you think it has been all these years to get you where you are today? Take responsibility, be proud, enjoy the country, but remember it is not just for you.

Allowing a government body to over-step the law by restricting what someone can do on their own private property is not something to be proud of. It is part of the destruction of democracy. Destroy your view or destroy your country? Freedom is not just fought for on foreign ground.

And maybe all you who have put up “Stop the Gravel Pit” signs could move those signs away from your gravel driveways and landscapes; unless of course your gravel came from a store in town.

Just my $.02.

Lee McKinney