Job well done |

Job well done

Rick Campbell, Gardnerville

Far too often we have been quick to criticize a decision made by our county commissioners. Many times they take heat because it is justified. Sometimes they take that heat unjustly.

Since every coin has two sides, I would like to take a few column inches to congratulate them on making a very right decision. At last Thursday’s commission meeting, they voted to not support a proposal by Senator Bryan to make the Black Rock and High Rock areas a national conservation area (NCA).

At the rate the present administration is unconstitutionally usurping Congress to assign national monument status, list new endangered species, declare wild and scenic rivers, assign wilderness areas, etc., etc., ad nauseum, we must stop somewhere.

Evidently it is no longer enough for the Federal Government to own 87 percent of the entire state. Now they want to find more ways to keep you and me off “public” land.

Applause, kudos and attaboys to our county commissioners. Thanks for a job well done on this important issue.