Job fair a sign of better times |

Job fair a sign of better times

Attendance at last week’s Carson Valley Career Job Opportunity Fair dropped a bit from October and attendance dropped off considerably for the last hour.

There is a garage sale mentality when it comes to attending a job fair, so it’s no surprise that early birds showed up in hopes of catching some nice worms.

But lower job fair attendance may be another indication that people who want work are getting it.

Back in October, the unemployment rate was 11.4 percent, which translates into 2,450 out of the 21,400 workers in Douglas County, according to the Nevada Department of Employment, Rehabilitation and Training.

The latest figures, from April, has 2,220 people out of work out of a labor pool of 20,800. Those figures show that while the number of people out of work is shrinking, so are the number of people swimming in the labor pool.

So while attendance at the career fair dropped a sixth, more than 200 more people have jobs than did in October in Douglas County, so that’s kind of a win.

Hopefully, these two factors show that the economic vise that gripped our community for so long is starting to loosen.

We said at the beginning of the Great Recession that recovery would come slowly, in fits and starts. Hopefully, this is a sign that’s starting to happen.

The more people who are working, the more money is out there to support businesses here in town.

That’s the definition of recovery in our book.