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Jan. 23 Letters to the Editor

Holly Painter took this photo of Tuesday's sunrise.
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Tahoe Youth & Family Services has new programs


The years of 2018-19 were years of endings and new beginnings. Tahoe Youth & Family Services faced a lot of change. As we all know, change is hard but change can also be exciting. Both our staff and board are embracing the New Year with excitement and renewed energy. The following are new programs that will be happening:

■ Homeless program for youth 18-24 years in South Lake Tahoe, SLT

■ Expanded SLT Host home program for youth under 18 including those youth who are involved with child welfare services, juvenile probation and the McKinney Vento program.

■ Additional funding for a new Mental Health licensed therapist in SLT.

■ A volunteer program that encourages our community to get involved and make a difference.

■ LGBTQ+ Teen group in Douglas County.

■ New Website & Brochures.

■ Creation of an Advisory Council.

■ New Teen Assessment Tool that will provide quarterly data on their improvement and growth.

We ended this year with helping a teen change a negative holiday memory into a positive one. A holiday tradition of decorating the Christmas tree was not one filled with love and joy for this teen. Allowing this teen to help decorate the Tahoe Youth & Family Services Christmas tree with people who cared put a smile on his face and changed a negative memory into a positive one. We each have the power to make a difference in the lives of children and teens. A simple yet important tradition of decorating the Christmas tree now has a positive meaning and one that will replace the his negative experience.

Our goal for 2020 is to provide a safe place for youth, teens and families to seek services so they can have a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. We encourage and instill the power of hope and new beginnings with all those who walk through our doors. If you are feeling sad, discouraged or lost, call us. We can help!

Karen S. Carey

Executive Director


Thinking about hate in the country


Just finished a book set during the Holocaust recommended to me by a friend. Don’t know if I loved it or hated it. Loved it because the author was so gifted. Hated it because it made me think and that can be a dangerous thing.

What I was thinking was: is the groundwork being laid for the next holocaust? Made me realize how much hatred there is in my daily life. I am told to hate the aliens streaming into our country, how much they take from us. The Democrats say we must hate Republicans and vice versa. The media says we must hate our president (what a bad job he’s doing, how conceited he is). When Roosevelt was president, the media rarely photographed him in his wheelchair or reported he had had polio. If he was president today, I shudder at what the media would report.

What or who will be targeted in the next holocaust? Blacks – could be. Mexicans – maybe. Caucasians – the minority now. Or some other ethnic group. Might be the rich – could be. Maybe the poor – they’re a drain on the economy, too. Maybe those over 65 … 70 … 80 years of age – another drain. Maybe members of the media (who now seem to be part of the entertainment industry and not reporting true news).

Give some thought to how much hatred you’re exposed to every day. Do you resist or are you susceptible?

Received an email joke today. Boy says to his father, “Dad, I’m considering a career in organized crime.” Dad responds, “Government or private sector.” Sad that I thought it was funny but true.

M.A. Richardson