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Jan. 17, 2018, Letters to the Editor

Opposed to Jobs transmitter


I would like to voice my deep dismay and opposition to the proposed Jobs Peak transmitter of which the residents of Carson Valley are just now learning. Jobs Peak is a cherished, iconic landmark for us. We gaze up at its stark and beautiful summit on a daily basis.

It offers us a glimpse into our past and displays what nature has brought and is currently bringing in the form of weather for the valley and the Sierras. It is a challenge to hike Job’s Peak and scores of us check that off as an important right of passage to being a resident of the Carson Valley and Western Nevada.

To scar that mountain with an ugly transmitter tower much as the Government did with Hawkins Peak in nearby Hope Valley would be a travesty.

It is apparent your agency is attempting to pull this off ‘under the radar’ and we will not allow that to happen. Open up the proposal to the public and hear from us before our faith in what’s left of our democracy becomes even further eroded. No tower on Jobs Peak, no way.

Don Nelson


Rest of story


I recently read your article regarding “Donated wreaths decorate veterans’ graves” and noted that there was an intricate part missing. As the call had been received from the Fernley Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial cemetery to Eastside Memorial Park, the Fleet Reserve Association & Auxiliary, Branch/Unit 137 was contacted concerning the logistics of getting the 39 boxes of wreaths from Fernley to Minden for use at the cemetery, for they had no means of transporting that quantity of wreaths to their location.

Along with local members of Chapter 388 of the Vietnam Veterans of America, the association members provided a trailer, the manpower to pick up the wreaths in Fernley and Carson City and deliver them to the Minden cemetery where additional personnel from the fleet reserve, auxiliary and Vietnam veterans would lay the wreaths on the veterans’ graves.

We were then advised that loved ones wished to place these wreaths on the graves and not to place the wreathes.

Brenda Horton


Fleet Reserve Association Ladies Auxiliary, Unit 137 Sierra-Tahoe