It’s just too loud! |

It’s just too loud!

letter to the EDITOR:

I really have to thank Ron Funk, Don Miner and the other vocal residents of Genoa for the chuckle their opinions have been giving me over the last few weeks regarding the “Sierra Starlight Amphitheater” in Genoa. I’ll admit; I was amused the first time I saw the billboards and posters, but after skimming the list of acts, I was very impressed. Popular bands like Michael McDonald, America and The Rippingtons, bands I grew up listening to, are now favorites of the baby boomer generation, a category we can assumingly put Ron Funk and Don Miner in. I would much rather see Ron and Don in line to see these bands than in a picket line in front of Genoa’s historic Mormon Station.

So why aren’t Ron and Don going to see America? It’s too loud. Doesn’t it matter that these concerts are drawing Reno residents to Genoa? Nope, it’s just too loud. It doesn’t matter that when these Truckee residents pass through our wonderful county, they might want to stop by our hometown merchants on Esmeralda and add to our local economy E? Forget it! It’s too dang loud! So it doesn’t matter that residents from California want to consider retiring to the Carson Valley after passing though for their “Sierra Starlight” concert? Nope, way too loud!

Do you remember your first rock concert? The Beatles, The Rolling StonesE? I can recall my first concert E The Beach Boys when I was 10. Was it loud? Yes. What was the last concert you went to? Hootie and the Blowfish, Craig Chiquco? I just got back from Ozzfest in Denver. Was it loud? Yes. (Ozzfest is a massive 14Dhour festival featuring 22 of the biggest rock bands including Rob Zombie, Adema, Tommy Lee, System of a Down, and the man himself, Ozzy Osbourne.) Concerts will always be loud. I hope those “sophisticated” $15 Radio Shack audiometers have proved their points.

The move to Genoa has provided you and your families with some beautiful scenery, amazing views and the peace, and tranquility any small community enjoys. For six hours, one night a week, for eight weeks in the summer, your fellow community members are down the street having a good time, a small price to pay to be young again. Go to a show. I bet you’ll have the most fun you’ve had in a long time.

Tim Rainey


Aug. 25