It’s a dirty job; thank goodness firefighters do it |

It’s a dirty job; thank goodness firefighters do it

Record-Courier editorial

Thank goodness for firefighters. Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know the Carson Valley would be a scorched, black place if it weren’t for the East Fork men and women firefighters. Without them, some residents might have lost their homes or their lives.

You’d also have to be living under a rock not to know that there are very few people in our Valley who are paid to protect us from lightning fires and bandage us up when we have accidents.

Your neighborhood fire station is staffed entirely by volunteers. Only the paramedics station on County Road has paid employees who work 24-7. So, other than about 10 administrative people and the paramedics, Carson Valley firefighters protect us in their free time. They all have other jobs and other lives, but they have had to take leave of those lives in the last week to respond to the many fires and accidents that seem to have piled up lately.

After chasing them around all week, we here at the R-C can tell you they are exhausted. While they could use some reimbursement, or even a “thank you,” what they can really use is another hand. Many of the stations are experiencing a volunteer shortage. So, if you have a little extra time and a passion for our community, stop by the local station and sign up. East Fork will provide all the training you need.

If you are thinking you’d rather spend your extra time in front of the TV, think about how this past week would have turned out if our firefighters had made that choice instead of getting involved.