Investigate charges against assemblyman |

Investigate charges against assemblyman


Assembly District 39 has a long history of great leadership. Jacobsen, Bergevin, Hettrick, Settelmeyer, Kite.

Now we hear serious allegations against our current Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, if these allegations prove to be true it’s a sad day for Assembly District 39.

It’s been alleged that Wheeler has not been living in the district he represents and that he failed, under penalty of perjury, to disclose all of his financial dealing on his Candidate Financial Disclosure Forms filed with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Because of the seriousness of these allegations I feel it is extremely important that these charges be investigated thoroughly by the Secretary of State’s office and the Assembly Ethics Committee and the results of the investigation be reported back to the voters of Assembly District 39. If these allegations prove to be true I think the voters of District 39 know what they have to do.

What really bothers me and other voters like me about the Jim Wheeler story, is that a local politician can pass laws and regulations the rest of us have to follow, but disregards following them himself. To me that spells hypocrisy, and voters deserve better in Douglas County.

Lloyd Higuera