Integrity of growth study questioned |

Integrity of growth study questioned

Letter to the EDITOR:

Oh, come on!

The Douglas County Building Industry Association is going to do a “study”? It’s not a real study if the conclusion has been decided in advance D that is, as your 7/31 story says, “Builders contend the study will show ‘devastating’ impacts of possible voter approval of the Sustainable Growth Initiative.”

With this kind of outcome being the goal, it’s not a study D it’s simply looking for ammunition for a hit piece.

Good luck to DCBIA executive director Carole Thompson in getting any University of Nevada, Reno faculty members to participate in this “study” if she’s not really interested in impartial results. But if the “study” does proceed, here are some questions that might be asked:

(1) How many people connected with the building industry have moved into Douglas County in the last 10 years who have a stake in further construction?

(2) How many non-local construction people have developers brought with them on past projects?

(3) How many more people are employed selling real estate compared to a decade ago?

(4) How many more real estate people are apt to be added if present growth trends continue?

(5) How many more residents will the county’s infrastructure D water, roads, police, etc. D support without raising taxes?

(6) What other counties in the United States have had runaway growth yet not raised taxes?

S.C. Sawyer