In support of James Wheeler |

In support of James Wheeler

Jim DeGraffenried was elected vice chairman of the Nevada Republican Party and Wes Rice was re-elected Rural Caucus Chair. Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, center, congratulated both of them.
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I am writing in response to this paper’s recent article on Assemblyman James Wheeler. I have known Mr. Wheeler for some years, and find Mr. Kite’s tactics deplorable.

We all know Mr. Kite is once again running for the office he once held and has since coveted.

The fact that he would begin a campaign in such a manner, with lies and innuendoes, is embarrassing at best. As an “active” campaign worker, I have seen many candidates come and go.

Such duplicitous tactics are what led me to support Mr. Wheeler over Mr. Kite two years ago, and I will continue to support him in the future. A candidate who is unable or unwilling to run on his own merits, but can only resort to such underhanded means, is not a person I care to have representing me at all. In the end, we all must stand on our beliefs and be led by our own moral compass. My compass leads me away from any person who must make himself look bigger by knocking down others. Mr. Kite, if you cannot run on your own record, then you should be ashamed.

Sue Kyle