In memory of all our volunteers |

In memory of all our volunteers

We can only describe the Hans Meyer-Kassel book as a big Valentine to Nevada’s oldest town.

While the famous artist only lived in Genoa for seven years, he left a big mark, which will be celebrated over the next several months with a retrospective at the Nevada Museum of Art, several lectures and a monument in front of the Genoa Courthouse Museum.

Meyer-Kassel’s monument won’t be the only one to pop up in the coming months.

A statue of Lillian Virgin Finnegan, called the town’s fairy godmother by Record-Courier publisher Bert Selkirk, will be set up later this year by Friends of Genoa.

The statue is intended as a tribute to all the volunteers who make the annual Candy Dance festival possible.

Like all great ideas, Candy Dance was transplanted to Genoa from elsewhere. Finnegan cooked it up in 1919 to help the town pay for streetlights after the county seat left for Minden.

It gets dark early in Genoa, but Finnegan’s proposal brought a little light to the town, and that’s a feat we consider worth celebrating.

This year will also feature the unveiling of a veterans memorial at the Douglas County Courthouse sponsored by Welcome All Veterans Everywhere.

That will be the first veterans’ monument in Carson Valley since the plaque installed in 1922 at the courthouse in honor of the men who served in World War I.

All three of these monuments are the result of private efforts conducted by volunteers.

We think Hans, Lillian and all the Douglas County residents who’ve volunteered, whether for the military or just to make our community a better place, would approve.