In hock over airport |

In hock over airport


Wow! Just when some were questioning their faith in local government, the county commissioners have shown that no grass grows under their feet. No, indeed. Yes, it has been only some 2-1/2 months since the hotly contested November, 2011 election (Question 1) wherein voters ceded control of the airport to the superior wisdom of the county.

If I remember rightly, one of the most vociferous claims on the part of the county during the debate was that it did not intend to pave the way (pun intended) for large aircraft (read corporate/commercial jets) to ruin our community airport. Now we see that $7.5 million in work is proposed, the lion’s share of which is devoted to rehabilitation of ramps and taxiways. That’s a lot of rehabilitation, unless (say it isn’t so) the goal, all along, was to ‘rehabilitate’ those ramps and taxiways to accommodate large jet traffic, not to mention the near $380,000 county taxpayers will have to pay as their share of all that rehabilitation.

Should we worry that the taxpayers will be in hock to the FAA for the next 20 years if we don’t dance to their music? Probably not. It’s just nice to know that my facts are probably all wrong, that I am just one more of the uninformed or misinformed masses, and that I can rely upon the commissioners to take good care of us all without regard to “special interests.”

Tom Starrett