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I am touched by a DMV angel

by Linda Hiller

The following is a true story, so help me Kenny Guinn.

I’d been trying to get into the Department of Motor Vehicles office on County Road to renew my driver’s license for months, finding it too crowded for my tastes on several occasions.

“No problem, I’ll come back another time,” I said to myself as I turned and left each time.

Then, one day as I was running late to pick up daughter Casey and her friend Jeannie from their driver’s ed class at DHS (I try not to screech into the parking lot when the kids are coming out of that class), I was touched by a DMV Angel.

The time was 4:20 p.m. and driver’s ed got out at 4:30. Passing the DMV office on County Road, I noticed only one car in the parking lot and spontaneously swerved and screeched into that parking lot.

Not only needing to renew my driver’s license, I now had to register the used van we had purchased. It had been in the repair shop since two days after we purchased it (don’t ask!), and the deadline for registering it was that day.

Could it be done in five minutes? I could go 10, but no more than that. Let’s go, DMV.

Racing in the door, both spaces at the counter were open. What was this, “Candid Camera”?

“Hey, can you guys do both of these in 10 minutes?” I asked.

“Let’s go,” they said.

I started with the registration, giving over the paperwork to the nice lady.

Then I raced over to the driver’s license counter and took the eye test in 3 seconds flat. (Note to self: Left side is fuzzy. See optometrist.)

“Any changes on the driver’s license?” the friendly man asked. “Still want to be an organ donor?”

Changes since the late 1970s, when I hadn’t given birth to giant Nevada babies yet? Are you kidding? Have you given birth lately, mister? Do you know what the word “bloated” means?

“No, no changes,” I told him straight-faced. “And, definitely yes, on the organ donor thing.”

The nice lady called me back to her counter and asked for $219 for the van, so I scribbled out a check.

“Do you want any particular license plates for this vehicle? Personalized plates?” she asked.

Personalized? Do you have anything like “I.M.BLOATED” or “USEDCARDORK” available?

“No, thanks,” I said.

“OK, I need $20.50 from you and let’s get your picture so we can get you out the door,” the man said from down the counter.

Scribbled another check. (Note to self: Check bank balance.)

Sat for the picture. Should I show my teeth? Think I’ll just do a Mona Lisa-type smirk.

Nice guy makes a joke. Big smile. Flash.

Oh, did I close my eyes?

“Here are your plates.”

“Here’s your license.”

Ba-da boom, ba-da bing, I’m outta there!

It’s 4:30 p.m.! Love the DMV!

And the picture wasn’t half bad.

– Linda Hiller is a reporter for The Record-Courier and sends condolences to those who haven’t been touched by the DMV Angel.