How’s this for a rant? |

How’s this for a rant?


I just finished reading Gary E Thompson letter to the Record-Courier regarding my “rant” about the tea baggers and the Republicans… “typical mind set of left-wing liberal extremists.” This almost sounds bad, anybody who is on the left would be liberal, extremist. Well, not so fast. I do not support or advocate any extreme doctrines or practices but I am a liberal. The problem with people on the right is that they just don’t get is 53 percent of the voters rejected the right’s policies and obstructionism twice. I do not profess to know what is best for everyone, but I do support the president’s ideology and agenda. Sorry you don’t like Affordable HealthCare Act, which is now law. I can only surmises that you along with your followers don’t like Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, Planned Parenthood or any progressive thought. These people believe that the President was not born here, is a socialist and that our nation’s debt is our foremost problem. As a faux news watcher, you have been told lies and lies. Obamacare is bad. The IRS is bad, the president does not lead, Benghazi attacks were the President’s fault, and I bet they told you that the guy with the Ronnie Reagan haircut was going to get elected in 2012 and science is all wrong. There is no global warming.

The demographics of the right 1. White. 2. Never vote for a Democrat 3. Think Nixon got a bad deal because others did the same. 4 Think Reagan was just the best. 5 Voted for George Bush twice. 6 Believes Rush Limbaugh’s “theories” than scientifically proven facts. 7 Names their guns. 8 You call abortion “murder” and “infanticide,” while calling the death penalty “justifiable capital punishment.” 9 Think that Sarah Palin is actually not as dumb as people say she is. 10. Think we need to “head in a new direction” with a Republican president (what direction, down? Economy improving and stock market at all time high) 11 Think Newsmax and Fox News are “fair and balanced” just like they say they are. 12 Think the reason the majority of the country thinks right-wingers are maniacs is because of “the media,” and not the fact that right-wingers say and do maniacal things.

What anguish. What are they going to do? Reinvent themselves? As a political party that suppresses voters, tries to control women’s bodies, starts wars in the wrong country (Man, if Bush was president in 1941 he would have declared war on Mexico), you guys have passed 38 bills on repealing the healthcare law, defunded Planned Parenthood, stopped reasonable gun laws. Only 10 percent like Congress. Where are they? Oh yap. They’re watching “Duck Dynasty.” Don’t worry, Hillary will be here soon.

Jerry Denis Sullivan