How officials affect us |

How officials affect us


Consider how unfunded mandates and laws affect your situation before voting.

In anticipation of the coming elections, we need to consider the full consequences of what our elected officials do. It can be by presidential edicts, passing laws or extreme regulations (environmental and other costly restrictions).

Examples are as follows: Jan. 20, 2001, two days before leaving office, President Clinton arbitrarily changed the rules that had been in effect since 1975 on the naturally occurring levels of arsenic for drinking water from 50 parts per billion to 10 ppb.

This is starting to have major cost and availability effects even locally.

Estimates of the Cap & Tax Waxman-Markey (carbon dioxide-Global Warming) passed by Democratic congress 2009 by Heritage Foundation are $1,870 to a family of four by 2020, increasing to $6,800 a year with increasing mandates by 2035. The effects of Obama Care are starting to be noticed with increasing insurance rates.

Medicare cuts of 500 billion, addition of 15 million more to coverage under Medicaid with large part of costs falling on the states. It will force everybody to participate by buying insurance or paying a fine.

This will be enforced by 16,000 new IRS agents.

If you don’t agree with above, remember to vote on Nov. 2. Otherwise, wait until Nov. 3.

Mark Tarvainen