How never to give up the ship |

How never to give up the ship

It has been 70 years since the Battle of Midway essentially stopped the forward progress of the Japanese Empire in the Pacific.

On Sunday we heard from a veteran of the battle’s most famous ship, the USS Yorktown. The ship, which a month earlier had been damaged in the Battle of the Coral Sea, was not fully battle worthy when she left Pearl Harbor to meet her fate at Midway.

Her crew and yard workers, who were still onboard as she got underway, were able to repair her in time for the big fight.

Attacked twice from the air, the Yorktown took an amazing amount of punishment before a torpedo from a submarine finally ended her career.

After the first aerial attack on the Yorktown all the fires were extinguished, so when the Japanese spotted her again, they thought she was a different flattop.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that all this happened less than seven months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. While undoubtedly a turning point in the war, there was a long way to go before V.J. Day.

But the stubborn refusal to give up the fight symbolized by the Yorktown characterized America’s victory in World War II.

A lot of good people gave their lives in defense of this country in that and subsequent wars, including the one we’re fighting in Afghanistan.

So while we’re celebrating the red, white and blue, take a moment and remember the price paid for our freedom to celebrate our Independence Day.