How dumb do you think we are? |

How dumb do you think we are?


Regarding the primary front page Record-Courier article on Oct. 30 was “Wheeler Blames Media…”

I read the Nevada Appeal Oct 29 article related to the above noted report…my comments:

First, the slavery question is preposterous and insulting to the citizens of District 39.

Second, the Appeal article states, “Democrats jumped on the statements as reprehensible and disgusting.” Really? The R-C article reports, “Wheeler told the Storey County Republican Central Committee in August.” From August to the end of October is a really big jump.

Third, if this was so offensive in August, why didn’t a citizen-voter come forward from Storey County previously?

This is politics plain and simple…and dirty at that.

I am aggrieved that the media thinks we are so stupid. (This is not Washington, DC).

I have faith in the intelligence and virtue of my fellow citizens. Nevada, vote your heart and soul in 2014, just as Jim Wheeler has done for us in the 2013 Assembly.

Cheryl Kelley