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Hoping roadwork brings returns

Roundabout is a good way to describe getting around Douglas County this road construction season.

Muller Lane is already closed until September for replacement of a bridge.

Commuters using Highway 395 from Minden to Carson City are going to find it to be a bit of a maze as the state moves lanes around and closes some while working on four projects.

One of those projects is the long-awaited traffic signal at Highway 395 and Airport Road. Other safety work includes longer merge lanes at Johnson Lane and Stephanie Way.

A pilot car will take motorists through the intersection of Highway 88 and Centerville Lane while the state prepares to close the spot to install a compact roundabout.

The new roundabout will require motorists to slow down when they get to the intersection, which was the most dangerous in the county last year.

While state officials say the number of wrecks at those intersections will probably remain close to the same, we believe the severity will decrease significantly.

Before those improvements are completed, we will have to pay a tax in time and patience.

There’s really only two seasons in Western Nevada, winter and roadwork, and we’ll have our fill of the latter before we see the snow fly again.

Here’s hoping the kinder, gentler intersections at Centerville and Airport Road make Carson Valley a little bit safer place to drive.