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Hope we pass inspection


When I served in the military we had periodic Operational Readiness Inspections. These exercises tested the readiness of each organization to fulfill its combat mission. We will have an ORI of sorts in just a few weeks now, perhaps the most important test in my lifetime. It will determine the ability of our country to get out of the horrible mess that our government has created. The mission is for us to get out and vote; and to vote for candidates who will get this country back on course to regain its sanity. This may be our final chance to elect representatives, at all levels of government, who will lead us back to fiscal responsibility, smaller government, balanced budgets, and lower taxes; the things that will lead us back to a healthy economy.

We must elect representatives who will eliminate earmarks and wasteful spending; get out of the way of business; intrude less into our lives; and replace political correctness with common sense. We must elect representatives who love this country and the Constitution upon which it was founded. And most of all we must elect representatives who will take whatever measures are necessary to insure the safety of our wonderful Republic and her citizens, both at home and abroad.

Before you vote on Nov. 2, please think about where we are as a country. Are you happy with the size and scope of government? Are you happy with the never ending spending of money that we don’t have? Are you happy with the endless meddling of the federal government into matters best left to the states and local governments? Are you happy with the way the people’s business is being taken care of in Washington? Are you happy with a House of Representatives that recessed without passing several key legislative items including a budget? Do you think that you and your representatives are on the same page?

Do you feel that our country is secure? If you are unhappy with dysfunctional government, at all levels, then vote for the candidates that you think can best get us back on track.

I pray (if I’m still allowed to) that we will pass this most important ORI with flying colors.

Gary Griffith