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Honoring soldier honors all of us

Record Courier Staff Reports

The real story about Pfc. Daniel Tingle’s homecoming was how this community came together to honor a soldier who was wounded while doing his duty.

We recognized no barrier when it came to honoring Daniel and by proxy all the young men and women who’ve gone to war to defend our country. Age, politics, social standing evaporated when it came to letting this young man know how we valued his sacrifice and how happy we are that he was able to return home.

From school children who sent him get-well cards to grizzled veterans who turned out to wish him well, our behavior in this matter says as much about us as a community as it does about Daniel.

And we could ask for no better person than Daniel to embody Carson Valley.

His humility and openness has made him a hit with children and at the gatherings held in his honor.

Daniel’s struggle is just now beginning. He still faces continued medical procedures and remains in the service. If he decides to return home, he will need work and all the support we can give him.

The party, which Sharkey’s provided free of charge, was a fantastic start. But Daniel committed his life to protecting ours and now we need to make a similar commitment both to him and his comrades in arms.