Holiday trap takes Christ out of Christmas |

Holiday trap takes Christ out of Christmas

Record Courier Staff Reports

By Pastor Adam Barkley

First Baptist Church

I thought I would use this opportunity to warn you of a holiday trap that is out there just waiting to devour your season. No, I’m not talking about the rock-hard snow berm that’s growing in front of your drivers that desperately need a refresher course in road etiquette and safety.

The trap I’m referring to is much more subtle. Have you noticed that each year your Christmas’ are becoming more and more about the secular than spiritual?

We’ve actually got to do an annual budget for Christmas shopping, plan the work parties, look for the sales, think about what kind of tree we’re going to put up this year, fake or real. “Honey, what did we use last year?”

And of course the decisions that consume the season, like putting the family portrait on the holiday greeting cards or not. Putting the lists of who to send just the card to or a gift as well. Did they get me something last year? This is known as the “reciprocation factor.”

And what to say in the Christmas cards? Christmas is such a long word. Do you think it would be OK to just put Xmas if there isn’t room in the sentences? My hand is getting sore from all this writing.

Don’t forget where you’re going to have the Christmas Eve dinner. At Grandma’s or is it Uncle Charlie’s this year. Depends on whose coming.

Now I know we’re busy this holiday season with all these things to do and all these critical decisions to make, but there is a blessing this year of far greater importance than all of these Ð The Christ, Jesus Christ.

Don’t be afraid to say His name in honor and worship this holiday season. Christ, the Son of God, who was born it just so happens, on this same holiday, that’s right, Christmas is not Xmas.

If there is something we need to “X”, it surely is not Jesus Christ. Maybe it’s a few other things that we need to change.

In all seriousness now, consider for a moment that maybe this Christmas season has come to mean so many other things other than what it really should. That’s the holiday trap.

In Christ’s birth we can celebrate the greatest hope for all man kind; the salvation of God embodied in His only begotten Son, coming to share His love, joy, hope and purpose, in a world that seems to be disillusioned and deceived in trying to disassociate itself from God.

Christ is someone we can embrace with all our being. You, as an individual, your family, our city, our nation, and our world. We need Christmas for what it really is.