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High winds usually kill power here

News from California’s public safety outage was so widespread that NV Energy felt the need to send an email to its customers saying they had no plans to follow suit.

But that’s not to say Western Nevadans are immune from the possibility of public safety outages of some sort.

Both NV Energy and Liberty Utilities, which serves Alpine, Mono and Lake Tahoe, have conducted meetings explaining their plans to cut the juice in the event of an extreme weather event.

Of course anyone who has lived in Western Nevada for any length of time pretty much anticipates the power will go off if there’s some sort of extreme weather event.

There was a time around here when it seemed like someone chopped down a power pole every time the wind picked up. We’ve watched high winds snap entire rows of power poles like twigs. We’re looking at you, Muller Lane.

We’ve had fires that have claimed a home that could be traced to electrical infrastructure. Anyone who has experienced a major wildfire knows one of the first casualties is the power. The difference is in terms of scale.

It’s said that when California sneezes, Nevada catches a cold, and that could be taken somewhat literally when it comes to the wind.

The high winds experienced by Californians during the Santa Anas blow the opposite direction the rest of the year.

In Nevada we don’t really have a name for them, though you’d think we’d have lots of words for wind.

On this side of the Sierra, we pretty much just call it weather.