Here comes election season |

Here comes election season

We’d hoped to delay this editorial until a little closer to actual election filing, but the recent flurry of announcements has forced our hand.

With only two months before judicial filing in January and five before filing for all other seats in March, election season 2020 is upon us, ready or not.

There are three county commission positions up for election next year. We’ve heard from three folks about their intention to run for county commission, including incumbent Dave Nelson and hopeful Walt Nowosad, whose announcement appears in today’s edition.

We’ve also reached out to the other two incumbents on the commission, and will share their intentions when they decide it’s time to share them with us.

With the announcements, come letters to the editor supporting candidates and positions, which we welcome.

However, we only accept one letter per election from the candidate, immediate family and campaign managers.

We suggest campaigns save that letter to answer attacks, but that’s up to them.

This has been the rule for a while, but it never hurts to repeat it on the front end.

Letters supporting candidates are always welcome, and we’re certain that wonderful dream will be punctured in short order.

We won’t allow letters to include ad hominem attacks on candidates or their supporters. If accusations are made, we will contact the accused and get their side of the story before a letter is published about it.

With several contentious issues at stake, we anticipate a long and hard-fought campaign.