Here comes another school year |

Here comes another school year

The sounds of the Douglas Tiger Marching Band have been wafting over the fields of Minden since Monday; meanwhile the Tigers football team will be gearing up today to practice on their new field.

We’re with the folks who think summer is getting shorter and shorter. It was just two months ago that the class of 2019 graduated, and on Monday the Class of 2024 starts the last leg of its public school journey.

It’s been a bit since motorists have had to deal with school zones, but the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office will be out there to remind folks to slow down.

Both Gardnerville and Minden have school crossings at our major highways, but schools in the neighborhoods have them, too, and they are no less important.

As part of its annual tradition, The Record-Courier is publishing the bus schedules as a service to our readers.

Those schedules are valuable to parents whose children will be riding the bus, but also to those folks who would like to know when the school bus is passing by their home so they don’t get stuck behind one on a commute.

Not all students will take the bus, and it’s a good idea for those who are walking or riding a bicycle to school to make a practice run over these next few days.

We can’t remember a major incident involving a child hurt on their way to school in Carson Valley, which we think is a good thing. Let’s keep that up this, and every, school year.