Helping with a wish |

Helping with a wish

Blair Hinsz
De Blair


We are wish granters for the Make A Wish Foundation of Northern Nevada.

As part of our process when we are getting a child ready for their wish there is a Wish Party. We try to make the party part of the theme of the wish.

Recently we were giving a party for a young lady who would be traveling to Greece.

We decided our local Olive Garden would be a good setting for the party.

When we approached the manager to request a reservation and possible donation to the celebration we were over whelmed by Olive Garden’s decision to donate the entire party in order to assure our girl a fun day.

Not only did Olive Garden provide a wonderful meal for our Wish Child and her family, the atmosphere and attitude of the staff was genuine and heart warming.

This is another example of the giving nature of this valley and another reason to support our local businesses. Olive Garden may be a big chain restaurant but the hearts of our local Olive Garden are right here with the community.

We want to personally thank Jinny Suarez-Brychel, general manager; Mike Jesperson, service manager and our personal wait staff, Andrew and Messina. Everyone went over the top for the party and gave us all good memories and a great send off for our Wish Child’s trip.