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Helping out

Letter to the EDITOR:

What do you have to give?

I am a “transplant” from California. Though I spent four years living in Las Vegas, I still have California stamped all over me. I am writing this to ask our newly transplanted population to reDexamine their lives. We live here, taking what we need. Do you give anything back?

Big cities provide insulation – no one feels the need to participate in their community outside of buying the occasional raffle ticket or Girl Scout cookies once a year.

The block-wall fencing and garage door openers conveniently shroud you from meeting or knowing your neighbors. Now we (Californians) have embarked on the Carson Valley with the fear of friendliness following our every footstep.

Complacency is often synonymous with comfort. But when your life is near the end, what soulful gift will you have shared? How many people will you have touched with your benevolence? For me, it’s how many homeless animals did I help save and find homes for?

My soul is easily sated from a simple dog adoption. What would fill your soul?

Don’t say you’re too busy. I am a self-employed businesswoman raising two adolescents without the help of a partner. I still find time to volunteer for the Douglas County Animal Shelter.

My mission is saving loving, homeless dogs from a premature demise. Do you have a mission?

Volunteer in the Carson Valley. Give from your heart. Unadorned gestures of kindness will not complicate your life. Don’t be afraid of altruism.

Here are just a few suggestions:

-Buy dog biscuits once a week and stop by the animal shelter to talk and visit with the canine residents.

-Make a platter of cookies for the senior center.

-Take a bag of groceries to the food closet once a month.

-Become a mentor for Douglas High School.

-Join the local chapter of the Red Cross.

Hook-up with a local charity. Let’s show Nevada that we Californian’s have hearts of gold.

If you have any questions about volunteering at the Douglas County Animal Shelter, please call me at 782-8087.

Suzy Bolding


Oct. 9