Help a child at Austin’s House this holiday season |

Help a child at Austin’s House this holiday season

Conrad Buedel
Special to The R-C

Austin’s House expects to have many children in crisis staying over the holidays. You can brighten their days with a simple donation. There are many ways to help, and these children will truly appreciate your gift.

The best donation to help a local child in crisis is a gift card to a store or cash. This allows Austin’s House to purchase the exact gift that each child wants, even if they arrive on Christmas Eve. A gift card to any local store that carries both clothing and toys, like Target and Wal-Mart, is perfect. You may also donate gift cards for children’s entertainment such as local movie theaters, fast food restaurants and bowling.

Austin’s House also needs food to stock the pantry. Specific items needed are cereal: oatmeal, Cheerios, Corn Chex, Honey Bunches of Oats and Raisin Bran; canned fruit in light syrup; unsweetened applesauce, peaches, pears, mandarin oranges, crackers; Goldfish, wheat thins and triscuits, snack bars; Nutrigrain or oatmeal bars, baking mixes; cookies, brownies, corn bread and cakes, canned chili, refried beans, canned soup, pasta sauce, pancake mix, syrup, ketchup, mayonnaise, and ranch dressing. Other items needed are baby wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex, napkins, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, dishwasher detergent, Clorox cleaning wipes, baby shampoo and children’s hairbrushes.

The staff at Austin’s House has produced a 2012 calendar featuring artwork drawn by children who have stayed at Austin’s House. Each month brings a warm reminder of another young life that was changed for the better thanks to the fine care provided at this wonderful facility. This spiral-bound calendar is ideal for your home and also makes the perfect holiday gift. The 2012 calendar is only $10 and all of the money will directly benefit Austin’s House.

Call 267-6711 if you would like to donate to Austin’s House or to order a calendar.

Austin’s House is the only emergency children’s shelter in rural Northern Nevada. The children are placed at Austin’s House after being removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. These children have no place else to go. Austin’s House provides the basic living necessities including proper nutrition, hygiene, rest, nurturing, recreation, companionship, education, and life skills training. Austin’s House has cared for more than 170 children since opening in September 2007.