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Hellwinkel property purchase a deal

News of the purchase of the Hellwinkel property next to Chichester Estates might have some folks scratching their heads.

“Why is the government buying property in the middle of a recession?” some might wonder.

But the key to the purchase is Nevada Question 1 money approved by voters in 2002.

The $200 million conservation bond was approved by 60 percent of voters at the time.

Among the projects to benefit from Question 1 money are the Dangberg Ranch, expansion of Mormon Station State Historic Park, and the purchase of the Seeman Ranch in Minden.

The Hellwinkel property is appraised at $440,000. Because the county underspent on the Seeman property, $200,000 has become available to help purchase the Gardnerville site.

Gardnerville will still have to come up with $240,000 to pay for the site, but those costs are offset by the flood control work which will help reduce the number of homes appearing on the FEMA flood map.

The other reason is that there isn’t going to be a time when property adjoining town will be cheaper.

The state originally set aside $960,000 to buy the 7.7 acres of Hellwinkel property. That Gardnerville will be able to get it for half that price indicates where the market has gone in this Valley.

We know that the purchase of the property is just a single step in the work that needs to be done on the Martin Slough Linear Parkway and Flood Channel.

But we applaud Gardnerville taking the step and believe that in the long run it will make the town safer in a flood.