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Open letter to Dean Heller


I am writing to express my unbridled dismay at your performance since I voted for you in 2012. Since then I have contacted your office on multiple occasions regarding important issues; you and your staff have been diligent in providing timely responses. To my regret, however, I have found your responses, rather than expressing and espousing a definitive stand on the issue, to equivocate or even obfuscate.

When I contacted your office regarding the illegal immigrant issues, your response was to the effect that you supported taking action to strengthen the border but equivocated on how to handle the millions of illegal immigrants, in particular the deportation of illegal immigrant criminals.

When Supreme Court Justice Scalia passed away, I called your office asking that you oppose consideration of an Obama nominee for Supreme Court Justice, and if a nomination came to the Senate for vote, that you oppose it. The quintessence of your written response to me was that “the Senate will do its Constitutional duty.” These were the words that came out of the mouth of Barack Obama. I expected better from you. When the issue of Hillary Clinton’s felonious behavior failing to safeguard United States classified documents was in the forefront and the FBI Director Comey shamed himself, I contacted your office asking you to take action. The letter I received from you touted your sponsoring legislation to make what she did illegal. The fact is that she violated extant laws and regulations: ordinary citizens are in prison for far lesser offenses than what she committed. Your response to me was utter nonsense, another equivocation.

You have publicly opposed Donald Trump saying he denigrates women. While some of his comments have been ill-conceived, he does recognize how vile are Muslims who mutilate women and afford them little if any dignity including the right to vote. Hillary Clinton and Obama have refused to acknowledge these realities. I am astounded that you are unable to differentiate.

My conclusion in all this is that you seem more devoted to your re-election than representing the interests of your constituents and championing the beliefs of the Republican Party. You do not take a firm stand on the important issues of the day. As a veteran I appreciate what you have done for veterans. But I have grown weary reading your newsletter in which you have touted, among other things, teaming with Harry Reid on initiatives one might expect from a freshman Congressman.

Senator, if you cannot find a way to differentiate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and publicly give him a strong endorsement, I would surmise many other law-abiding Republicans, will have difficulty finding a way to support you in your next bid for office.

Eldon DeVere Henderson

East Valley

Optimism in America


Finally there is a renewed sense of optimism in America. Love or hate him, Donald Trump is telling the truth to Americans. With Trump in the White House, political correctness will be out the window and straight talk & honesty will be the new way of political life. We have an outsider who will stand up for the values cherished by all God-fearing people and hardworking Americans. No longer will we have to take the curveballs thrown at us by the likes of Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama to name a few. Those politicians have done nothing to advance the American dream while each simply enriching themselves at the expense of us taxpayers. America has drifted into the abyss of globalism, open borders, acceptance of world terrorism, diminished military, lack of respect, approval of illegal immigrants, the disregard for the rule of law, and the loss of self-confidence & self-reliance. The very Judeo-Christian principles on which our country was founded are eroding right in front of our eyes and we are told to remove God from our daily lives. American must wake up and save our country from those who want to rule based on their own self-interests rather than enforcing the US Constitution. We are at critical juncture for our country; we either go the way of the establishment and kowtow to their demands, or we stand up and fight to preserve our God given rights and the freedoms embodied in our Constitution. People say Donald Trump is an unpolished politician, a brash New York bully. Perhaps, but he’s truthful and forthright. We need a patriotic intelligent leader who can assemble a cohesive administrative team that has the skills and leadership qualities to unite our country. The current political discourse in DC is so abhorrent nothing gets accomplished. The one-upmanship among the current politicians is great for political theatre but terrible for the American people. Today there is a silent majority building among the voting public who place their trust in Trump. Now it’s time for those folks to place Trump’s American Dream on their sleeve and wear it as a badge of courage. We must reclaim our country and our heritage from the entrenched politicians who would otherwise destroy America for their own self interests. We now have a champion for the American people who will correct the course of the recent past. There is a clear choice in November and he wants to make America great again.

Larry Walsh


Proud to live here


We at RE/MAX are very proud of the community we live in and law enforcement is a big reason why. Most of us have lived here 20, 30, 40 years or longer, we’ve raised our kids here and take advantage of all the area has to offer. I’ve personally had the privilege of getting to know some of the officers and employees through coaching in youth sports, etc. and I have great respect for them and what they do. The Carson Valley is a great place to live and work and we want to show appreciation to local law enforcement, at all levels, for their help in making it, and keeping it, that way. We invite the whole community to join us and come out and meet the real people behind the badges.

The response from different businesses in the community has been huge which is indicative of the community we live in as well – lots of great people willing to pitch in and show appreciation for what we all enjoy on a daily basis – pretty special.

John Fisher


Moslem countries more oppressive


Mr. Kaepernick, during your prior time at UNR and the 49ers, I don’t recall any mention of your political or religion beliefs.

Now with your relationship with Nessa Diab, a Muslim, you are speaking out for “people that are being oppressed”. Colin, please tell us of a country where people, especially women and infidels, are more oppressed than those in Muslim controlled countries.

Sanford Deyo


Thanks for supporting Summerfest


The Douglas Center for Hope and Healing held its first Summerfest fundraiser at Minden Park on Aug. 20. We would like to thank the Active 20/30 Club for their joint participation with this event. In addition, we are deeply appreciative to the following sponsors and donors that made this event such a success: Hutt Aviation, D&B Cabinets, West Ridge Homes, Ferguson Leavitt, Three Castles Engineering, Legacy Specialties, Judy and Gary Williams, Marty’s Appliance, Dr. James Seyfried, Stor All, Valley Eye Care, Park Ranch, Sierra View Dental, Neddenriep & Assoc., Kelly Chase, John Fisher, Crockett Enterprise, RO Anderson Engineering, Pisciotta Builders, Richard Peters, Curtis and Sons, Johnny Omohundro, Parigini Orthodontics, Warren Reed, Dennis and Patricia Ramsey, Ginger’s Unique Boutique, East Fork Fire Association, Golden Nugget Automotive, Mickey and Lynsie Garcia, Wass Family, K&L Farms, April and Paul Wilson, Café Girasol, Allison Ramsey-Kruse, Mary and Gary Thomson, Ann Crockett, Trudy’s Salon, Carrie Nolting, Sierra Adrenaline Training, Corie Ball, JT Basque Restaurant, Beall’s, Brooke Roberts, Ron Chandler, Pattie Snyder, Mary Lahlum, Jordan Smith, Ava Ramsey-Kruse, Coleen Lawrence, Amanda Johnson, Trippin’ King Snakes, Dougie L and Friends and Jakota Wass.

The Douglas Center for Hope and Healing is a 501c3 non-profit grief center. We provide grief materials, home visits, summer camp, and support groups to children, teens and families in our community and surrounding area. We rely on fundraising, grants, and individual donations to provide these services free of charge. We are thankful to live in a community that continues to generously support our efforts.

Amanda Johnson


Thanks to recruiters


Meneley Elementary School would like to recognize the Phillips family, the Carson City U.S. Army Recruiting Center and the Sierra Nevada Recruiting Company for their generous donation to our school. We were fortunate to receive many boxes of much needed school supplies including pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, paper and other essential materials. This will help enable every student to be prepared with the appropriate tools and supplies for their work in the classroom. Thank you again for your generosity and giving to a great cause, our students and the future of the Carson Valley community.

Meneley Elementary School staff

Gardnerville Ranchos