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Heller speaking the truth


Sen. Dean Heller recently told a group of Hispanics that he doesn’t support the Dream Act which, among other things, gives taxpayer subsidies to college students who snuck into this country illegally.

It’s also been hinted that Heller is racist for not wishing to treat people differently because of the color of their skin. This turns the definition of racism on its head.

The liberals tell us Hispanic-heritage United States citizens will not vote for a politician who declares that our country’s laws shouldn’t be enforced differently because of someone’s race. I doubt that is true of most, but those who do feel that way should look in the mirror and ask what’s more important: their United States citizenship or their racial identity.

Heller is also being called inhumane for telling his Hispanic audience he would vote to end automatic citizenship for US born babies of illegal aliens. But there’s nothing inhumane in eliminating an incentive to break the law.

How odd that for the rather unremarkable act of telling the simple truth about immigration issues, Senator Heller is being hectored by the left as a heartless monster and congratulated by normal Americans for his bravery.

Lynn Muzzy