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Of course John Hamer of Ranchos, LLC was encouraged that only six Ranchos people showed up in opposition, to the Planning Commission meeting on Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. Hello! The majority of us work at that hour and can’t take personal time for a midday meeting. Which is why I faxed my opposition to the project.

To John Hamer: In who’s “best interest” is this project? Surely not OUR community. Do you or the contractor live in the Ranchos? Do you have to deal with the current traffic problems and low water pressure? If so, what are you thinking? I’ll do a traffic study. 95 homes x 2 cars = more traffic and road deterioration. And that’s only the first phase. The DCSO does their best and are already stretched to the max. You can bet the residents of Dresslerville, Riverview, Bluerock, James and Long Valley roads are opposed to this, until a new way out or traffic calming solutions are established.

To Carolyn Whitmire: What are the “advantages that outweigh the disadvantages” of this project? My neighbors and I can’t think of any “advantages.”

You go Washoe Tribe. Maybe you can convince the powers that be to stop this project or insist on a plan for the entire 15 year project which would include traffic and water studies. Maybe the commissioners will listen to you, they sure can’t hear the Ranchos citizens.

Thank you Valida McMichael for opposing the project, for any reason. Too little, too late.

My letter to the Planning Commission meeting follows and still applies.

Working full time prevents me from attending your meeting.

Just a few comments regarding Greg Lynn Development at Dresslerville and Dresslerville roads.

If you must approve his ideas, please request a scale down. Ninety-five homes in this small area is too many. Maybe 60 homes?

Also, please remember, during the community meetings of the 90s, when the county was formulizing the Master PLan, at the Ranchos meetings, the leaders assured us they wouldn’t allow any more development until another way in and out, from Highway 395, was completed. Of course, this information or quotes, are not recorded in the Master Plan, the leaders were insistent that a new route would be established prior to any more housing developments.

We all applauded their efforts and concern for our neighborhood.

How soon some forget!

Commissioners, please consider your decisions carefully before approving or disapproving this project. We are all watching and listening.

Vicki Hitchcock


Oct. 24