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Have a good new year

Lynne Katusich

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Mike and I stayed home, enjoying a quiet break in our usual routine, with good holiday dinners, a fire going in the woodstove, and a ton of football games.

It is important now to thank all the local clubs, the Salvation Army, and many of our local residents for helping those less fortunate to enjoy the season. Thanks to all of you.

With the weather we have been having, the new year has got off to a quiet start, but I expect things will pick up soon. Already fishing season has opened at Topaz Lake and, as always, the Walker Senior Center is a fun and busy place to go, with many activities going on.

Important issue for all

My mother passed away during last year and, as her only child, her trustee and I have been trying to get her estate settled. Unfortunately, she had asked the attorney who drew the trust originally to make a change in the estate distribution.

Even more unfortunately, he and his staff made a typographical error that has stalled the completion of the matter until he writes a letter admitting his mistake and saying what my mother wanted done.

What I want everyone reading this to remember is that if you are doing, or have done, estate planning for yourself, please be sure to read carefully what is written. Make sure that it says exactly what you really want to have done with your estate.

Trust me, you don’t want your heirs to have the grief of trying to solve something that might not have been accurate.

Good times to all.

Lynne Katusich can be reached at lynnekat@schat.net or (530) 495-2552.