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Hats off to Jack


Here I go again writing a letter to the editor. I keep thinking it will be the last one, but oh well. I have lived in several areas in California and Nevada. Every one that has had an expansion of the airport of any kind has had a corresponding decline in property values. I know of a couple that have already moved out of the area because they thought there were too many airplanes flying overhead.

We don’t mind the sound of the gliders but certainly would not want to trade them for the sound of jumbo jets. We keep reading the pros and cons of the proposed ordinance but everything aside, if you want your property values to decline you can vote for more and larger airplanes to land here. As for our household we will vote no.

On another note I want to say how much I look forward to the letters from “Bo the Builder.” It is with thanks to Jack Van Dien and others like him that make sure we do not become another Bell, Calif.

LaVerne Jory