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Harry Reid is lying


I have finally had it with Harry’s half-truths and downright lies. In one of the latest Reid claims responsibility for sending National Guardsmen to the Arizona border. He was not even a bit player. Governor Jan Brewer, who tried, in vain, to get the federal government to do it’s job, the President and the Homeland Secretary are the players. He said he was responsible for getting 400 miles of fence along the border built, Swell, Harry, but what happened to the other 1,400 miles that Bush got approved? That is right you didn’t fund it.

But what has Harry done? He keeps the senate tied up for four days debating a meaningless letter criticizing Rush Limbaugh, he pushed the stimulus bills, he orchestrated the Louisiana purchase, the Nebraska compromise, and special payouts to Maine, Florida and Massachusetts. He oversaw the auto bailout, the Wall Street bailout, the Obama Health Care, to highlight a few. As a leader he declared the war in Iraq lost, voted against the surge, called Gen. Patraeus, “betray us” and said he would not even meet with Patraeus in Washington, face to face.

Reviewing his ability or willingness to help Nevada, we rank first in foreclosures, bankruptcies, and unemployment. In terms of stimulus money received we rank 51. That is behind Washington D.C., which doesn’t even have either a voting legislator or a senator (voting or nonvoting). When it comes to “bringing home the pork” Nevada could not do worse without Harry.

Harry claims to protect Social Security, but it was the Democrats who unlocked the “locked trust box” and moved the monies into the general fund. Jimmy Carter who decided to give Social Security benefits to immigrants at age 65 even if they paid nothing into it, and Al Gore who cast the deciding vote to tax Social Security benefits. Ask why the president directed his commission to fix Social Security to report after the election? Don’t you detect a reduction in benefits? If not, they would announce their recommendations with the blare of trumpets before the elections.

What is on Harry’s plate if he should be re-elected? Immigration amnesty, universal health care, tax increases, cap and trade, eliminating closed ballots for union representation, unionizing police and fire fighters, a valid drivers license as the only requirement for voting. Harry does not run on his “platform” because it is alien to what Nevada wants and needs.

A rational voter must ask who can do more damage to me and my family. The “most powerful senator” or a freshman senator? To paraphrase Sen. Reid “I don’t see why anyone would vote for him.”

Sam Batdorf