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Happy New Year to all

Lynne Katusich can be reached at lynnekat@schat.net or (530) 495-2552.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season with family, friends and lots of good food and that the good time continues through the coming year.

The weather we’ve had really helped those who traveled for the holidays, which is a bonus for them at this time of year.

Football overdose

The last week or so of last year and the first part of 2012 have been and will continue to be almost totally dedicated to football games. Last Saturday alone, there were five college bowl games to fill your day and evening. Fortunately, I like football and it doesn’t bother me to have the games on, so Mike is a happy camper.

When the bowl games are over, professional football will start with playoffs, ending with the Super Bowl, so it isn’t ending anytime soon. Just relax and enjoy.

Giving Tree thanks

Sunday, I received a call from Debie Bush at the Walker General Store, asking me to thank all the members of our community who so generously supported this year’s Giving Tree.

This year there were more children needing assistance for Christmas joy, and the donations made such gifts possible. Thank you again.

Community Building

The County of Mono recently changed the name of our Community Building to “Antelope Valley Community Center” from the former sign of Walker Community Center.

The intent of Bob Thomas and Jim Kindel, who initiated the plan for the building, and gave so much time and energy to its construction, was always for it to be for members of the whole Antelope Valley community, not just Walker.

Much credit should go to Erma Thomas for her efforts in accomplishing this change.

RPAC meeting

The Antelope Valley Regional Planning Advisory Committee will hold their monthly meeting 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 5 at the Community Center. They will be discussing many things that affect all of us, so please try to attend and give your input for the good of the valley.