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Happy in a new home

Happy in a new home


“Lives changed, hearts healed” is the motto of Between Horses and Humans, a nonprofit that pairs able-bodied children, embroiled in emotional and behavioral issues, with horses. Recently, Between Horses and Humans had to find a new home where the program could continue to grow and expand. Because of the generosity of Ruth Page and Greg Walsh of Maddi’s Friesian Ranch, Between Horses and Humans now resides at Maddi’s Friesian Ranch, and has been able to include many more children in changing their lives and healing their hearts.

Sometimes to the children that come to Between Horses and Humans, the world seems a cruel, selfish place. But because of the kindness and openness of all who operate Maddi’s Friesian Ranch, the children are learning to trust that goodness and selflessness are active and present in the community. From barn manager Stephanie Kepler, who helps teach some of the children with her own horses, to Tucker Ford, Lexi Sabatoni, Leslie and Pablo, the children are seeing daily what true giving adults are like. Many thanks go out to Maddis Friesian Ranch for opening their doors and hearts to Between Horses and Humans.

Cindy Cowen

on behalf of the Between Horses and Humans board